Canadian Baptist Fundamentalism, 1878-1978, edited with Paul R. Wilson. Eugene, OR: Pickwick, 2022.

Canadian Baptist Fundamentalism is the first single-volume work to present a national picture of Baptist engagement with the fundamentalist movement in Canada in the late nineteenth and twentieth centuries. By drawing on material from across the country, Canadian Baptist Fundamentalism addresses old themes in new ways–and, in the process, raises a variety of questions and possibilities for new avenues of study.

Baptists in Canada: Their History and Polity, with Gordon L. Heath and Dallas Friesen. Eugene, OR: Pickwick, 2020.

Baptists arrived in what would become Canada in the mid-eighteenth century, and from those early arrivals Baptists from a wide variety of backgrounds planted churches in every region of the vast nation. This book traces that history of Baptists in Canada, and provides historical antecedents and theological rationales for their church polity. Written in a generous spirit, it recognizes what Baptists share with other Christian communities and how they differ among themselves on some matters.

Atlantic Baptists and Their World: A Festschrift in Honour of Robert S. Wilson, edited with Gordon L. Heath. Wolfville, NS: Canadian Baptists of Atlantic Canada Historical Committee, 2020.

Atlantic Baptists and Their World celebrates Dr. Robert S. Wilson’s contributions to the academic world and the church. The contents of this Festschrift revolve primarily around Atlantic Baptist history, something particularly close to his heart. The enclosed chapters are written by a spectrum of people—former students, colleagues, fellow historians, and associates in denominational life. 

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