A Reflection on Maritime Baptists and the “Spanish Influenza”

With COVID-19, these are unquestionably strange times—but they are not without some historical precedent. Last year, early in the pandemic, I wrote a blog for the Canadian Baptist Historical Society on the experience of the Maritime Baptists (United Baptist Convention of the Maritime Provinces) during the Spanish Influenza in 1918–1920.

In that piece, I wrote:

This brief investigation is, of course, only a surface-level survey of the United Baptist experience during the influenza. There are many other sources to probe and more stories to tell. … What I hope this post does, however, is provide some historical perspective for our current crisis. It highlights several themes that reverberate clearly into our current day. Just as the Baptists of yesterday, many lament the loss of events and public spaces, and others wonder how their ministries or activities will fare, while still others face the question of mortality. Finally, those who are discouraged may take limited solace by looking backwards in time, as we are reminded that “this, too, shall pass.”

If you are interested in reading more, visit the post on the Canadian Baptist Historical Society website here.

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